Water Heater

To save money on your energy bills turn down the temperature on your water heater to recommended factory setting. This will do two things; it will increase the life of your hot water tank (the hotter the water the quicker the hot water tank breaks down) and save you money.

Water Savings

Little drips to big drops add up over time and can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. While it may seem insignificant they add up quickly. To find out for yourself place a bucket under your leaking faucet over night to see how much water accumulates. You may be surprised. So just do it! Fix it!

Toilet Leaks

A common leak in toilets is from the tank to the bowl. A way to test this is to put a couple drops of food coloring in the tank (not the bowl) and see if the color comes into the bowl when the toilet is not being used.

Winterize a Vacant Home

Preparing your plumbing for the winter is a wise alternative to frozen pipes. Turn off the water to your home using the main shut-off… When your pipes freeze from the water still in them call Clear Drain to come replace all your lines. Tip #1 if winterizing your home call Clear Drain. Tip #2 if trying yourself refer to Tip #1.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

You don’t appreciate a clean drain until you don’t have one! Usually, kitchen sink drains clog because of a build-up of grease over time. A couple times a month drain a full sink of hot water along with the hot water faucet running for five minutes to help melt the grease and keep your sink from clogging.


Weak or changing water pressure usually points to a mineral buildup in the showerhead. Clean the outlet holes with a pin or unscrew the faceplate and soak it overnight in vinegar or CLR. Scrub it clean before replacing it on the showerhead.

Water Moisture in the Home

Make sure that vents (with a ventilating fan) are installed in your kitchen and baths and they are not turned on! Double check to make sure screws and nails in the bathrooms and in the room adjacent to the bathrooms are not in the venting or soil stack as they will cause leaking. Stacks are generally located directly behind your toilet. Loose toilets are a mature cause of moisture problems, lifting your toilet and replacing the wax seal and toilet flange will most often fix this problem.