To prevent mildew ventilate basements or run dehumidifiers to dry the air, walls and furnishings. Don’t hang wet clothes in your closets. Keep your showers and tubs clean of soap-scum so that they dry quicker. Replace the caulking every 1-2 years with a mildew free caulking for kitchens and bathrooms. Air-out your bathroom cabinets and under kitchen sink…


Use cold water when the garburator is operating. You can clean your garburator by grinding ice cubes and when it needs a little freshening, just grind some lemon peels. Avoid stringing or starchy products such as celery, Taber corn husks and potato peels. Of course, you should read your maintenance manual.

Pipe Insulation

Insulate those pipes before it gets cold! When temperatures are at or below freezing, running a steady drop of hot and cold water from your faucets may keep your pipes from freezing. If your pipes are not insulated, they can freeze even with a small flow of water, so insulate. For mobile homes use heat tape to save on your water bill.


Roots can be a big problem. They can grow into the joints of the pipes like water seeping into cracks and freezing. These roots create wedges that continually expand getting bigger and bigger over time. Every time roots are cut they grow in thicker. Root treatments can be used to prolong the use in between cuttings. For a proper fix we recommend lining the pipe with a pipe liner to keep the roots from growing in exponentially.